4 Fitness Tips for the Hottest Legs on the Planet

To get your legs and butt into fantastic shape you need to apply the same principals to your exercise and nutrition program that you would use to get your entire body into top shape.

The latest cutting edge exercise knowledge is based on the premise of speeding up the metabolism to burn off excess body fat. Also making sure that you eat enough high quality food will create higher energy levels to support your exercise program is also important if you wish to have “to die for hot legs”.

1.) Make sure you strength train – No other type of exercise will tone and shape your muscles quicker than a properly designed exercise program that contains exercises that use resistance. You also need to perform these exercises with enough intensity to stimulate the metabolism so that you will be burning more fuel every minute of every day, even while resting.

So, your exercise program is going to achieve two important things – one is the toning and shaping of your muscles and number two the program will increase your fat burning rate.

2.) Don’t diet – Restrictive diets cause the metabolism to plummet, slowing down fat burning and draining energy levels so that even the thought of exercising is not a very welcome idea. The new better way is to only cut calories by only a couple of hundred each day so that it will fly under the body’s radar and not trigger the starvation mode to kick in.

3.) Each more often – Eating 4-6 “small meals” per day is the secret to cranking up the energy levels so you can do justice to your exercise program for fast results. Each of these small meals should contain protein and the balance fibrous carbohydrates and tons of vegetables. Start your first small meal within an hour of waking and continue on every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Keep each meal small around 300 calories with 20-30 grams of protein for best results.

4.) Crank up the cardio sessions – Instead of doing old fashioned, long, slow, cardio type exercise try adding some short intense bursts of speed in whatever exercise mode you are working in. Warm up first then speed up for 30 seconds to 1 minute then slow right back down to rest. Repeat up to 4-6 times over a 20 minute period for extraordinary fat loss results.

Try these tips and experience yourself the difference in how you feel and how you will look in a short period of time not only with your legs but your whole body. You will be able to feel the difference both on the inside, and on the outside. You legs will look slimmer, and you will feel more energetic.

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