What Are The Benefits of BCAA?

Benefits of BCAA

BCAAs or branched acid amino acids, offer numerous benefits to users. These supplements have in the past received a warm welcome in the world of fitness and body building. This could be attributed to the numerous researches that support the use of the BCAA supplements over other types.

The benefits include:

Enhancing of protein synthesis

The muscle cell contains a gene known as the mTOR gene that is responsible for muscle protein synthesis. Intake of BCAAs will activate the production of these genes leading to increased muscle synthesis.

Helps in fat loss

According to several studies, the BCAA supplements greatly support fat loss. Intake of these supplements in the right measures can help reduce the rate of obesity. Those who constantly take this supplement have decreased body fat, but increased muscle mass.

Protects against losing lean body mass

If you are trying to cut on body fat, the BCAA supplement can guard against loss of lean body mass. Losing lean body mass can be a possibility when trying to lose weight. BCAA is an anti-catabolic that aids in calorie restricted states.

Fights loss of muscle mass as one ages

Since BCAA supplements are catalysts for protein synthesis, they help in maintaining the body’s muscle mass. While most elderly people look at supplements as a ‘thing’ of the young, it can actually come in handy in guarding against losing the muscle mass.

Boosts recovery

This is probably the most significant benefit of the BCAA supplements. It increases the metabolic recovery of training athletes. It also guards against muscle soreness, which is common after workout.

It boosts the immune function

It is hard for an athlete to train while unwell or even resume training after a period of illness with the normal strength. When you use BCAA supplements, you reverse loss of glutamine, which is required for your body’s immune functions.

Boosts performance

The goal of every athlete and trainer is to boost their performance during training. BCAA supplement has been proven to be an effective performance enhancer. This is because BCAA is a rich energy source for the muscles for metabolism. BCAA supplement also enhances glycogen oxidation in depleted cells. This results in longer and more intense training for athletes.

BCAA and hormones  

Hormones are the main determinants of the muscles one can build. Intake of BCAA supplement increases the release of anabolic hormones. These body hormones are responsible for protein synthesis. These hormones include insulin, testosterone and GH (growth hormone).    






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