What Are The Benefits Of Creatine?

Benefits Of Creatine

Proper supplementation is an important aspect for athletes and trainers. One of the most successful supplements in the market is the creatine supplement. This supplement is available in various forms usually improved as the years go by. Numerous reviews have claimed that creatine actually works. When used correctly, this supplement is said to deliver all the benefits claimed.

 What are the benefits associated with creatine?

Creatine is not a supplement solely used by athletes or trainers. It is actually a product that can be used to treat neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders like Parkinson’s disease and arthritis, depression and congestive heart failure. However, most of the benefits are experienced by athletes and trainers.

 Improvement of the athlete’s performance

This supplement is mostly used by athletes due to its effectiveness in intensity training. When creatine is taken, it boosts the body in producing extra energy. This in turn ensures the athlete has increased performance during training. The athlete is able to do more exercise than they would on average body strength.

Creatine increases lean mass

While water weight contributes to lean mass, creatine will increase muscle mass beyond the water weight. Actually, the most significant factor about this benefit is that creatine increases muscle mass even in the absence of vigorous exercise. This is because creatine influences several body mechanisms that lead to development of muscle mass.

Creatine boosts testosterone hormones

When men reach their 30’s, their testosterone levels decrease. This leads to decreased energy endurance, mental sharpness and strength. Studies have proven that trainers who use creatine significantly increase their testosterone levels. A blood test can easily tell the level of testosterone.

Creatine is good for the brain    

Creatine has been found to boost brain activities. Actually, it improves the neurological performance of the brain and thus enhances awareness and swiftness of processing information. This supplement has also been found to improve memory, which tends to deteriorate with age.

Ideal for jumpers and sprinters

A good start is very important for jumpers and sprinters. In these sports, every second matters. Creatine supplement helps jumpers and sprinters to increase the first 30 seconds of performance by at least 10%. This helps them to gain an edge over other competitors in the same race.

Ideal for outdoor sports athletes

Creatine is ideal for athletes who participate in outdoor sports. This is because creatine supplements increase hydration in harsh outdoor conditions. This boosts endurance of the athlete’s body.







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