What Are The Benefits Of Glutamine?

Benefits Of Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid found in your muscles. Actually, more than 60% of the skeletal muscle is made up of glutamine. During training or exercising, the levels of glutamine deplete leading to decreased strength, reduced recovery pace and reduced stamina. Normally, it can take you up to six days before your glutamine levels go back to normal. Glutamine is required for protein synthesis, which in turn is important for muscle building. Therefore, reduced levels of glutamine mean reduced levels of muscle building. This is why you need to use glutamine supplements.

What are the benefits of using glutamine?

Boosting metabolism

Glutamine is an amino acid that is ideal for several metabolic processes. It can regulate your body’s PH and it also balances bases and acids for proper cell function. Glutamine also regulates levels of blood glucose and is also an energy source as it can be converted into glucose. According to the supplements guide website, glutamine is also required for secretion of the HGH (human growth hormone) which plays a role in muscle growth and burning of fat.

Boosting athlete’s performance

Glutamine supplements play a key role in the performance of an athlete. Most athletes take this supplement before a workout to boost their energy levels. It is also a good source of energy after a workout as it boosts the dropped glutamine levels.

Boosts post-workout recovery

Taking the glutamine supplement after workout speeds up the recovery of muscles and also protects against immune system impairment.

Health benefits

Glutamine supplements help in nervous processes of the body and also digestion. This supplement helps in clearing the body’s high levels of ammonia, which can be toxic to the nerves and brain. It also helps protect the intestinal track lining from damage caused by peptic ulcers and some medications. The medical centre of the University of Maryland has found glutamine to be effective in preventing infections. When an athlete’s immunity is boosted, it enhances their performance.

Boost’s memory

According to research, glutamine has been found to be safe in boosting memory. The supplement has been found to work immediately after it is taken and it has a long term effect. These supplements are also used to treat depression and stress.

Help in recovery

Glutamine is a source of nitrogen. After a traumatic injury or surgery, the body requires nitrogen for the functioning of the vital organs and for repairing of the wound. Trainers and athletes can use glutamine supplements to speed up the recovery process by boosting the nitrogen levels.






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