What Are The Benefits of Protein?

What Are The Benefits of Protein?

Protein plays an important role in your body’s functionality. Protein helps in developing of nails and hair. What’s more, protein is used in the repair and building of tissues. It is also used in the manufacture of body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes. That’s not all; protein is an imperative building block for muscles, skin, cartilage, blood and bones.

Protein, along with carbohydrates and fat, is a macronutrient, which means that your body needs it in large amounts. The reason why you need to consume protein in every meal is that unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein is not stored in the body and so there is no reservoir where it can be drawn from when needed in the body.

How much protein should you consume?

Even though exercise helps in muscle building, taking protein plays an important part in the process. However, the amount of protein to be ingested solely depends on an individual’s needs and size.

  • Active men and teenage boys should consume seven ounces in 3 daily servings to ensure that their bodies get all the protein they need.
  • Children of ages two to six years, older people and most women should consume five ounces in 2 daily servings.
  • Teenage girls, most men, active women and older children should consume six ounces in 2 daily servings.

Some suitable sources of protein

Nutritional experts normally recommend getting your daily protein dose from:

Fish: is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and thus healthy for your heart.

Whole grains: Settling for a slice of bread made using whole wheat will provide you with 3g of protein and valuable fiber.

Poultry: You can also get protein from poultry. To remove the saturated fat from the poultry, have the skin removed.

Nuts: An ounce of almonds will provide you with 6g of protein.

Beans: These are the main sources of protein as they contain higher levels than other veggies. They also have fiber, which keeps you full for longer.

Benefits of Protein

  • Maintenance and repair in adults: Protein helps to repair damaged cells and the tear & wear your body is subjected to daily.
  • Muscle tone improvement: even though protein will not tone your muscles on its own, it is known to boost effects of any resistance training.
  • Muscle mass increase: People seeking to increase muscle mass are advised to have high protein diet.
  • Growth: protein is beneficial when it comes to growth in children. It also helps in maintenance of healthy vision and eyes in children.




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